The King in the Kitchen

Carter McGuyer Design Group brings design to your kitchen

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With our area being so affluent in the arts, it’s no surprise we have the kitchen covered, too.

Carter McGuyer, local industrial designer, has been designing for over 12 years and has around 200 patented items. He first discovered his passion through the front cover of a design magazine, which happened to feature a stool by a late-twentieth century designer. This moment sparked a change, and Carter switched from architecture to an industrial design major at Auburn University.

McGuyer later formed the Carter McGuyer Design Group in 2006. His products are not only attractive, but also functional and cost-efficient, and many of them are geared for the kitchen.

The Carter McGuyer Design Group is located here in the Shoals and is a family affair, with business partner and wife Brandy McGuyer. Brandy has a background in marketing and sales, so she knows what consumers expect and how to stay in line with current trends and styles. Together, Carter and Brandy form an award-winning team receiving awards such as the 2013 Housewares Design Award for Best in Category and 2013 Red Dot Design Award. They understand the process from initial design to final sale.

One of their many accomplishments is a feature currently on Crate and Barrel’s website, a popular retail store with items ranging from furniture to decor.

“We were able to go in and do what we wanted to do for a kitchen and answer the question, ‘How would you design a kitchen for Crate and Barrel?’” Brandy said. “We got to pick out colors, finishes, everything from the bowls to the metal finishes. We’ve worked with Crate and Barrel for a long time and had a friendship there.”

Carter works with other brands such as Microplane (relationship over 20 years) and does all their design work and manufacturing.

“These products are sketched on a piece of paper and then they come to life,” Brandy said. “The products don’t walk on a runway; they’re in a kitchen drawer, so it’s less glamorous.”

But this doesn’t make the design any less impressive. You can find several of Carter’s designs on Crate and Barrel’s website. A few of our favorites include the Carter Acacia Wood Trivet, Carter Set of 3 Mixing Bowls and Carter Salt Cellar, but you decide for yourself after browsing.

The designs are sleek and can fit in a variety of kitchen styles and settings. And another perk? A great price point, perfect for your budget.