Nailed It! Holiday Edition

What not to make for your next holiday party

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Are you tired of bringing store-bought desserts to your holiday office parties and family events? Well I am, but I’ve always been too scared to try my hand at Pinterest-worthy holiday desserts – until now.

This year, I thought I would prepare for my seasonal parties by attempting to bake a dessert that would leave even my mother, a trained pastry chef, impressed.

Needless to say, it didn’t turn out as planned (sorry, Mom!).

I started by scouring the internet for a dessert that looked complicated enough to impress others, but achievable. Cookies seemed too easy. But a whole cake? Too hard. Once I saw some adorable snowman cake pops, I knew what I had to do.

I have never been one to follow recipes. This quality can be great for improvising my way through most savory dishes, but has proven disastrous during past attempts at baking. In the spirit of staying true to myself, I decided to wing it.

I was disappointed to find that the first step in making cake pops is to bake a cake. As I said before, I am not interested in that amount of work, nor the time and recipe-following it takes to bake a cake.

Instead, I opted to turn my cake pops into Oreo ball pops.

The recipe also called for white, red, orange and black “candy melts.” A term I’d never heard before in my entire life. I got the white melts and a bag of white chocolate chips as a back-up plan. I also chose to swap out the colored candy melts for pre-packaged icing in squeezable tubes.

Once I had my ingredients together, it was time to start assembling my pops. To crush the Oreos, one is supposed to put them in a blender. I don’t have a blender, but I do have plastic zip-top bags and a wooden spoon. You get the idea.

I used about 15 cookies. After they were as crushed as I could get them, I added four ounces of cream cheese and used the same wooden spoon to mix it all together.

The next step was to roll the Oreo and cream cheese mixture into two different-sized balls. I spent a long time researching how to not do this step with my bare hands, but it turns out that’s how it’s done. Gross.

I added lollipop sticks here. After they chilled for about 30 minutes in the fridge, it was time to dip them in the candy melts.

Candy melts are not easy to work with. Even when melted, the candy was too thick to coat the cookie balls evenly. I tried to combat this by adding melted butter to the coating, but this caused it to turn into one big chunky mess.

I had better luck with the melted white chocolate, though my snowmen do still look a little dirty in places due to cookie fallout.

I was able to assemble and add icing to five of the seven snowmen I attempted. Voila –  my little melty snowmen are ready for the party! I’m still trying to figure out how to eat these without most of it ending up on the floor.

At a glance

Cook Time: 0 min

Assembly Time: 2+ hours

Serves:  best case scenario, 7

Ingredients: Oreos, Cream cheese, White Chocolate, Icing, Blood, Sweat, Tears

Skill Level: “Easy,” according to recipe website