50 titles, one day, what will you read?

Free Comic Book Day 2018 offers...well, exactly what it sounds like

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Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is here! Tomorrow, May 5, we get our hands on exclusive FREE comic books from all over the nerdy spectrum. With 50 new comics being released, we here at SET wanted to give ten of the titles we’re looking forward to on top of a full list of all comics being released on the glorious, geeky holiday.



#1. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Marvel)

Alright, let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way. With the record breaking “Avenger’s Infinity War” already out in theaters, it’s a no-brainer that the head honchos at Marvel would push some sort of title featuring this mismatched group of heroes.

Any avid comic book reader can tell you, when it comes to the comics, Marvel isn’t doing so hot, which is surprising considering how well the movie franchise is dominating the box office. With this new release, the executives at Marvel are hoping to revamp their comic book universe with a new direction for the characters and fresh stories to entice readers. If anything, not only will this be an awesome title to add to your collection, this comic might be the start of a more successful Marvel — in the comics, anyways.



#2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Shattered Grid (Boom)

If you don’t like Power Rangers, are you even from the ‘90s?

Eh, to each their own, we suppose. 

This FCBD exclusive features everyone’s favorite multi-colored heroes in a new, original storyline, taking a darker, more mature route than its usual after-school special themes from the shows. Whereas the rangers usually tackle bullying and drug use while fending off giant monsters with dinosaur-themed, giant robots, this comic pits the rangers against world destruction, alternate timelines and ACTUAL life-threatening situations.

Be sure to grab your copy of the Power Rangers us 20-something ’90s kids have always wanted and deserve.



#3. Invader Zim (Oni Press)

One of the hidden gems of cartoon television and one of the largest staples of nerdy memorabilia in local Hot Topic’s and Spencer’s, Invader Zim returns for Free Comic Book Day 2018.

The pretentious world dominator is back, and this time a new obstacle has arisen in Zim’s attempts to conquering planet Earth: Floopsy Bloops Shmoopsy!?! A new television show unwittingly traps the resident invader in the modern millennial disease of binging! Catch up on this long lost toon and enjoy the nostalgia.



#4. Riverdale (Archie Comics)

Have you seen the CW’s “Riverdale” yet? Do you like Archie comics? How about young teenage drama and rich people problems? Then be sure to grab a copy of “Riverdale” on FCBD. This is a comic book about a show based on a comic book. A little trippy but promising.

While old Archie fans will enjoy the new renditions of their beloved characters from back in the day, and Riverdale fans will enjoy the new content, curious readers will be introduced to a universe of mystery, deceit and more. The story will be from the perspective of the local diner owner, Pops, and four different stories he overhears while serving their booths. Who will he be listening to, what will he learn, who knows? Grab a copy and find out, it’s free.



#5. Overwatch Featuring Black Hammer (Dark Horse)

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the hit video game, “Overwatch,” or you never read SET’s article a couple years back (I’m not mad, just disappointed). What with its advancement in video game league sports, its ever-expanding gameplay or even its Pixar-esque style, this game is noteworthy — even without playing. So why not give this “superhero-themed” video game a comic book?

This special title will feature two tales, one following Zayra, the pink-haired Russian, learning to work with those she thought enemies and the other following a group of teenagers in the world of Dark Horse’s ongoing comic series “Black Hammer,” but a thousand years in the future.

Not only will this comic interest readers from both fandoms, but it will more than likely introduce both fandoms to each other, giving readers double the superhero goodness.



#6. Bob’s Burgers (Dynamite)

“Bob’s Burgers,” the hit Fox, animated comedy is joining the Free Comic Book Day fun with their own title, thanks to the kind and generous producers and animators. The comic will feature short stories revolving around the Belcher family including “Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction,” “Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries” and “Gene’s Rhymey Rhymes That Could Someday Be Songs.”

Not enough “Bob’s Burgers” in your life? Then be sure to check for a copy at your local comic books stores to satisfy those comedy cravings.



#7. Tank Girl (Titan Comics)

You know who Tank Girl is? If not, let me give you a rundown: Tank Girl is a British comic book about a girl who rides around and lives in a tank with her mutant kangaroo boyfriend in a Mad Max-esque setting. Yeah, that’s about it, or at least the important parts.

This comic is a punker’s dream come true, with disorganized storytelling, anarchic and absurdist themes, and psychedelic-styled panels. Check out this crazy story for free and enjoy the trippy art.



#8. Doctor Who 2018 (Titan Comics)

The doctor is in! With a completely new reincarnation on the way, this FCBD issue of “Doctor Who” will be exploring not one, not two, but FIVE incarnations of the Doctor. This title will be teasing the new adventures for the “Doctor Who” comic storylines in 2018, including breaking every law of time possible, a diner no one will forget and a planetary invasion — I mean, what’s Doctor Who without some sort of planetary invasion?

Pick up this comic and explore time and space with the 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th and — appearing for the first time in the “Doctor Who” comic — 13th doctors. Best part, it’s free.



#9. The Wormwood Saga (Cubhouse)

Forget Narnia, check out this: A young boy finds a portal to a magical world in his grandmother’s  attic where a dragon is imprisoned in a mountain, a firelord is attempting to take over the world and a small wooden sword could be the most powerful weapon ever. All of this can be read online, for free, but if you enjoy be sure to contribute, support our artists!

Not straying from his free-themed marketing ploy, the creator of this comic will have a prequel comic available for FCBD. You can enjoy the story online and read the beginnings of this fantasy-magic drama. Not only will the story keep readers wanting more, but if the prequel is anything like the webcomic, we should expect stunning visuals.



#10. The Legend of Korra (Dark Horse)

We’ve all seen the brilliant Nickelodeon cartoon, “Avatar the Last Airbender,” right? If not, go ahead and go watch all three seasons, now. While you’re at it, be sure to watch the sequel series, “The Legend of Korra.”

FCBD may have already passed by now, but priorities, friends. If able to binge fast enough, be sure to swing by the comic shop for more to the story, a free issue of “The Legend of Korra” comic book. Trust me, once you’re hooked, you’ll want to grab this title. Korra teams up with a young shirker to save everyone’s pets, but will the avatar be able to turn this young man from his flaky ways? Find out. Also included, a bonus story featuring the characters from Nintendo’s game, “Arms.”



Free Comic Book Day is wonderful holiday for fans of the medium and newcomers, but mostly the newcomers. While this is a day to collect awesome titles from well-known and indie publishers, the day is a chance to welcome new readers to the fandom of comic books, so just as a courtesy, maybe don’t grab all the copies of your favorite title to ensure everyone gets to experience this wonderfully nerdy holiday.