Our TOP 10 E3 Announcements

SET's top picks from this year's annual video game expo

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It’s that time of year again where new video games are announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. Gamers around the world keep their eyes peeled for every update to see anticipated or new games released by their favorite developers. Now, E3 has come and passed and we here at SET wanted to share the games that caught our attention and may interest you. Check out our list and let us know on social media if one of your favorites made the picks or if you have any that you think should have made our list.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

It’s been four years since our last brawl on the Wii U and the 3DS, with a multitude of downloadable new and old characters to suffice the players’ needs — because if there’s anything a Smash Brothers fan thrives on, it’s another playable character.

Thankfully, Nintendo formally announced “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” with exciting news for fans of original and new. This go around, the Smash Bros franchise will feature every character from its first game on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999 to the most current iteration in 2014, with all its downloadable characters. This means that on top of the series regulars, such as Link from the “Legend of Zelda” series and Mario from the Mario Brothers franchise, Ultimate will feature all third-party characters, including Pacman from Namco, Snake from Konami and Sonic from Sega. Characters such as Pichu from the Pokemon franchise and the Ice-Climbers from the 1985 Ice Climber game — who were left out of current games — will be returning for the fight.

Checkout the trailer below to see your favorites.

Cyberpunk 2077

Although it’s been in development since around 2012 and has no set release date, “Cyberpunk 2077” has caught the interest of many gamers. Big fan of the open-world play of “The Witcher”? Then no worries! Straying away from its usual medieval setting and traveling to an advanced metropolis, the developers hope to immerse the player in a futuristic world where they take on the role as a mercenary.

Just like in previous games, players will be able to alter the character to their own appeasement, take part in quests that branch across the universe and choose the gameplay they prefer, whether it be combative, hacking or building.

Not much information was announced but the developers did release a trailer depicting this new universe fans must check out.


Kingdom Hearts 3

Another long-awaited fan favorite hit the scene at E3, not just giving one but three presentations. It’s been almost 14 years since the previous installment of “Kingdom Hearts,” excluding lame and unimpressive side games made for handhelds, and fans are ecstatic! This Square Enix (developer for “Final Fantasy”) and Disney (ruler of the world) hybrid allows players to traverse the Disney universe, utilizing “Final Fantasy” game mechanics and teaming up with the lovable Donald Duck and endearing Goofy.

With the third installment only months away, fans are clamoring for any information about the title and E3 delivered. Not only did fans get a release date of January 2019, but also three trailers featuring our main protagonist and his animated partners exploring universes from Disney’s “Toy Story,” “Frozen,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Monsters Inc.” Check out the trailers below and let us know which world you’re excited to explore.


Halo Infinite

It’s baaaaack! During E3, Microsoft gave a teaser trailer to the upcoming installment in the “Halo” series. Being the sixth installment, this game will take place after the events of its predecessor, “Halo 5,” with a strategy many fans of the games will appreciate: Allowing players to play as Master Chief — the titular protagonist — for…wait for it….the MAJORITY of the game. Yes, you read that right. According to the game’s developer, 343 Industries, the next chapter will not only focus on the aftermath of the previous game but also place Master Chief back in his role as lead character.

Aside from the crowd-pleasing, the announcement came packaged with not only a new environment but a nostalgic yet new art style all powered by a fresh, new game engine.


Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

With sequels popping up everywhere, Sony decided to take it up a notch with a remake of a sequel. Zombie fans rejoice, a remake of “Resident Evil 2” was announced with three trailers.

Gamers will be able to enjoy a “deeper narrative experience,” according to Capcom, because of it being “completely rebuilt” allowing them to experience the survival-horror game as freshly as possible. Coming to consoles and PC this January, save the infamous Racoon City while playing as nostalgic favorites Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield, and avoiding zombies of all varieties including the terrifying Mr. X.


Spiderman PS4

It’s everyone’s friendly-neighborhood wallcrawler and he’s back with (hopefully) an amazing game. Now, to be fair, a few titles have been fantastic — such as “Spiderman 2” — from way back in the day, and “Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions” from just a few years back. But at the same time we’ve had just rude slaps to the face in the form of installments such as “Spiderman: Friend or Foe” and the movie adaptation of “The Amazing Spiderman.” So it’s not unfair for the average fan to be wary of each title to come, but for the past two Expos fans may not have much to worry about.

First premiering at E3 2017, “Spiderman PS4,” obviously a PS4 title only, got fans interested in swinging through New York as an older, more successful Peter Parker. Spiderman is in his prime and not only carries a successful career as a scientist but also as a hero.

Now, as of E3 2018, we have a new trailer revealing a new mission, more gameplay and a few old friends….or six of them.


The Last of Us 2

Literally everything on this list (minus one) has a predecessor. I know readers probably have suggestions of what we could write, but let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes sequels and next installments are the games we go for. Yes, we strive for something new, even beg, but any sequel of a popular game will likely be bought either out of curiosity or even entertainment, depending on how the game fares.

The sequel to the zombie-fungi-survival horror game has no release date yet, but the developers wanted to share with gamers just how dark and fun this game will be for the patient players. Creators show the dark tone of the story along with mechanics and gameplay in their E3 gameplay reveal announcement trailer.


Super Mario Party Switch

Now from the other side of the spectrum, while not busy smashing guys from other popular video game titles, Mario and friends take time out of their busy days to party, play and yes, sometimes even smash each other.

“Super Mario Party” is coming to the Nintendo Switch with the same friends and a few new features. Instead of being an exact port from the Wii U, the Switch version will feature new mechanics, new maps (boards) and 80 new mini-games. The party starts October 5, so don’t miss out.


Fallout 76

“Fallout 76” was originally announced before E3, shocking many fans and leading others to theorize what was going to happen. Well, E3 happened and now we know!

Let’s get the controversial news out of the way: It was confirmed, the new Fallout will be “online play” only, which has been bumming out a lot of loyal fans. Fortunately, this now common form of gameplay may be excused due to the other features showed off during the expo such as more detail, bigger layout and a “solo play” that’s still online.

Aside from all that, the game also includes fun situations, such as team-heavy missions, new enemies and even nuclear warfare with other players. This prequel is slated to release in November on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


Jump Force

Oh, look! A game without any know predecessor, kind of. Technically the concept has been used before but for some reason this year, the developers decided to add amazing graphics, a possible storyline and two characters you’ve never expected to see in a fighting game.

Jump Force takes characters and universes from popular anime related to Shoen Jump (a publisher), smashes them together and yells “FIGHT!” We’re talking Goku from “Dragonball” vs Naruto from “Naruto” and even Luffy from “One Piece.” This is an anime lovers dream, a demographic we don’t usually get to call out in our publication, so this little segment is just for you guys!

The graphics look stunning and the concept is amazing. Though the vagueness of the trailer leaves fans and newcomers wondering what is going on, what’s the story and who else is joining in? Check out the full trailer below and give us a shout out about your thoughts on the secret characters they included in the end!


Did you like our picks? Anything you think we should have mentioned? Be sure to check out our social media pages and let us know!