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Live TV for the Next Generation

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YouTube, and their belief that anyone with a dense social media following should be given a show to present to them the world, may be the most prolific form of media revolution in the modern era. They hold the title for the most popular online video platform on the planet. Left to lead just about any other form of video content out there. Except for live TV.

The new live TV app from YouTube takes content from their own platform and blends it with the prominent face of live TV, creating an immediate connection to all four major broadcast networks and over 35 cable networks for $35 a month.

The main appeal of the new YouTube service is the inclusion of local channels that are publicly broadcast in specific areas. Now you can watch primetime events such as The Oscars and the Super Bowl directly from the app. The new service stands out with its ease of use and the simple user interface. An outlier experience compared to other major players like DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue.

Three main tabs are displayed throughout the app upon a first look. The beauty of this is that it will not complicate live TV like that of a full menu of network channels with a time spread out on the screen. YouTube TV saves you the trouble of a text focused menu for a more visual menu.

Your eyes are the best indicator for live TV. Small factors like smooth channel transition and reliable picture quality make a world of difference. YouTube knows how to use your eyes in both their favor and your own. The interface is ridden with a plethora of ways to receive content as well. Love that new show all your friends have been raving about? You can favorite it. Tired from the day and want to watch your show later? A single tap will add it to your DVR. Any live channel viewed on the YouTube TV app can record the current channel, and any future or new show.

Those that turn away from purchasing internet television due to sports will be in for a treat. YouTube handles sports in an uncanny way that finally fulfills the dream of traditional cable or satellite television. Specific teams are the main focus within the app as opposed to a lineup layout, unlike cable television. Want to follow the next Golden State match? YouTube TV includes an individual card for every major sports team to follow and automatically add and record every future and new match; complete with a scorecard and top roster for the team you follow.

What YouTube TV puts forth better than the rest is this new era of internet television is the power of Google and their search function. Mainly, you can search by a keyword. YouTube TV not only shows results from live TV, it also pulls videos from YouTube with the keyword you have punched in. Another vital point for the new YouTube platform is that up to six people can have an account with one subscription. Your content will only show though your account and the same happens for another member of your plan. YouTube TV will be the only major internet TV provider to allow six user accounts with one subscription.

The new live TV platform from YouTube may the best implementation of live TV and online video content, but it should not be considered for four key reasons until multiple additions are made to the platform.

  • More live TV content for the initial price
  • Chromecast & web browser dependent
  • No use of external TV on Demand content
  • No add-on HBO option

YouTube TV will win users over with a stellar implementation of a live TV and online content platform, but content will be the main problem until YouTube can resolve the relation with multiple network companies. There are no channels from networks like Viacom and Turner, but they could be added to their lineup in the near future. Continued support for more devices and content from network providers could make YouTube a behemoth in the race for the future of live TV. Despite initial expectations, YouTube has set a key example of what consumers want for the future of live television. For more info on the new YouTube live TV app, you can visit for availability and their current network channel lineup.