Welcome to the final ReSET!

Now let's show you what's new here

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Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Looks like we’ve got a functioning website! I don’t know if y’all remember the website before, but to say this is an improvement is an understatement.

You can now read all of the articles that come out in our print issue and online exclusives, add to the calendar, check out past issues and explore by author.

The website is pretty, but it’s also functional. Using the drop down panel on the side, you can check out the traditional tabs or browse by topic — take a second to check out the topic guide.

Our front page to the website will always  feature our No. 1 story as well as the two features that run in print, but we’ll also feature never-before-read content our writers are constantly working on.

And I’m not one to encourage violence, but if I haven’t beaten this dead horse enough: We want to hear from you. We cover a lot of Shoals area content, but we’re looking to branch out and cover topics in your town. We’ve got readers all over (I can see you on Instagram, y’know), and we want to start tapping into that knowledge. What do you do on Friday nights? Where do you hang out with friends? Tell us about it!

The gallery tab gives us more opportunities to showcase the excellent work our photographers do. They come from all levels of experience, and you can join them, too.

Welcome to the ReSET. I hope you love the changes that have already been made and continue to love the changes to come. We’re on our way to making reading about your passions and learning about your interests a more rewarding experience for everyone, and this is only the beginning.