Destress: It’s all the RAGE

A new way to destroy anger coming to the Shoals next month

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Editor’s Note: This article previously stated RAGE opens May 31. It has been updated to reflect the new opening date, June 8. 


There are days where it feels like everything has gone wrong and you just need to let off some steam. Maybe you got a bad haircut or your significant other forgot your birthday. Whatever the reason is behind your blood boiling, it’s time to find a constructive — or should we say destructive — way to let out your rage.

Rage rooms have become the new craze to unwind and destress in a safe environment. They provide a place for people to pay for a space for a certain amount of time, and they get to destress by breaking items. These items can range from plates, keyboards, cash registers and even televisions.

The Shoals’ very own rage room, simply named RAGE, will open in Killen, Alabama, in the Killen Time Adventure Park complex directly beside Arx Mortis Haunted Attraction June 8.

Owners Crysta Ceaser and Tristan Pierce, along with partner Vinny Grosso, are excited to bring this increasingly common form of destressing to the area.

“This will ultimately give people a new way to vent their rages and their stresses,” Pierce said. “This is a very unique attraction, it’s not even available in Alabama yet. These rage rooms have become popular on the west coast, but it is very limited in the southeast. We want to bring something hot that is happening over there and put our own twist on it.”

After booking a room, customers will come in and watch a video on rules, regulations and why they are there. Then, they will be provided with safety equipment such as gloves, helmets, coveralls, clothing, boots, goggles, etc.

“After gearing up they will be able to go to the arsenal and pick out which tools they want to use which will range from sledgehammers, crowbars, bats and more,” Pierce said. “Once they choose their weapons they will go to their doors which will either be bay one or bay two, and they will begin their experience.”

“This will ultimately give people a new way to vent their rages and their stresses.”

The rooms will be fully stocked with the items purchased, breakable shelving, and even a smash point where they can single out an object. Customers will have five to seven minutes to wreak as much havoc as they can.

The owners are taking several safety precautions to make sure that the Rage Room is a way to destress in a safe environment.

“We are going to make sure to keep all equipment clean, make sure there are no loose wires and, ultimately, make sure they are safe for breaking,” Pierce said. “We will also provide all of the safety gear necessary along with a security camera in each room.”

What sets RAGE apart from other rage rooms is the fictional theme and backstory to make the experience more exciting.

“The theme of Shoals Rage is that it is a new branch to the military that was created to combat stress,” Ceaser said. “Basically the government decided to create these Rage Rooms because they believe the true enemy to everyone is stress. Eventually, we plan to make the rage room look like a military bunker.”

You can even personalize your experience further by paying to have the rage room stocked full of different items.

“Our plan is to tailor each room to the individual,” Pierce said. “We will have our customers fill out an online survey to ask detailed questions in order for us to better understand why they are wanting to use the rage room and cater it to their needs.”

Pricing will start at $10 which will get you the room, safety gear and equipment. The $10 room, however, will be a bring your own bag (BYOB) room, where people will bring their own items to break.

“You will get an option to buy a grab bag for five dollars full of breakable items, so essentially you can smash for $15,” Pierce said. “Stocked rooms will start at $25 and range up from there.”

To keep up with RAGE, hear more about upcoming events and see updates for the soft opening, check out RAGE on Facebook.