Introducing Flo-Fest 2018

Former local brings a different kind of music festival to the Shoals

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For the average music connoisseur in the Shoals, the few genres a local show-goer may encounter on the regular would be rock, country, soul, jazz and a few other similar styles. Great genres, but not necessarily the jam of the younger crowd. Former local, Luke Sego wants to bring something a little more up-to-date for the Shoals, to help entice that millenial and iGen crowd.

Flo-Fest, said to be “Alabama’s Hottest Music Festival,” will be premiering Saturday, June 23, but instead of the usual genres we see, Sego is bringing a more modern taste, with indie rock bands, pop-punk groups and electronic-style music.

“It’s not the usual scene in Florence, at least not when I lived there,” Sego said. “We want to bring a more diverse music scene for people of different interests.”

Sego attended the University of North Alabama for four years. During his time he played music and worked with local bands. While at UNA, Sego disc jockeyed around the area and worked on his own electronic music. After graduating last year, he moved to Nashville where he has been working with music venues there, producing and creating music.

“For a year now, I’ve wanted to do a really good music festival in Florence,” Sego said, “There’s really nothing for college students.”

The event will begin at 1 p.m. outside 116 Mobile, where the area will be cut off from traffic with the stage and various vendors. Until 6 p.m., over five different musicians will play until the main stage concert inside at 8 p.m. with the doors opening at 7:30 p.m. The main stage concert will feature Luke Sego as Sego Genesis, Florence native Hunter Jackson and Florence local Jacob Brock.

“In Nashville, we have stuff like this every weekend and we wanted to bring an awesome scene back in Florence,” Sego said. “It’s really missing from the Florence music scene.

“When I was in Florence every weekend, I would have gone.”

Sego says he would like to do the event every year. Fortunately everybody in the community has been very supportive, showing the demand for similar events.

“I hope after this year it will be at least inspiring with people to set up events in Florence. I think Florence needs to support events like this more often.”

With about ten tickets left for the main stage, Flo-Fest has almost sold out. Be sure to grab yours soon to be a part of a unique experience in the Shoals.