J.U.M.P. for joy and juice

New spot in Florence wants to shake up healthy living

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Eating healthy can be a trek, especially for the “no veggie” and “plain” crowds out there. It’s difficult but doable with concentration and determination — but that kind of takes time. Instead of learning to “acquire a taste,” how about hitting up a shake shop?

Check out J.U.M.P. (Joining Uniquely Minded People) Nutrition, the Shoals’ new spot in downtown Florence for healthy shakes and tea.

Founded by Anisa Turner and Jerissa Green — Florence natives and best friends since first grade — J.U.M.P. has been serving the community and pushing them in a healthier direction since its grand opening August 25.

“We are a place of inspiration, positivity, connection and nutrition,” Green said. “We’re here making the world healthier and happier one shake and tea at a time.”

The owners were first introduced to (and later infatuated with) shakes they had as members of the fitness club Level Up. They then had the idea to incorporate them into their own fitness journeys.

“We decided to take a little jump,” Green said. “We decided to become distributors.”

With that, the new-trition center was created.

“We went to one business opportunity meeting and thought, ‘This has potential,’” Turner said. “We went to our mentor and said, ‘Hey, we’re ready to do this.’”

“We laugh together, we cry together, we get healthy together.”

Turner and Green started working at Level Up selling shakes but soon realized something that began the birth of J.U.M.P..

“We’re from Florence, why should we travel to Muscle Shoals everyday when we can do this for ourselves in Florence?” Green said. “We decided to reach out along with our mentor and found a place here downtown.”

The two new entrepreneurs settled on 121A South Court Street, but before the grand opening, the details of the entire project were kept a secret from family, friends and community.

“We kept it a secret less than 24 hours before opening,” Green said. “We announced it at 5 p.m. and opened at 7 a.m. the next day.

“The turnout was amazing, more than we could ever imagine.”

J.U.M.P. offers a diverse menu of shakes, teas and protein bars, all which aid in either muscle recovery, meal replacement, weight loss or energy. Being a distributor of Herbalife Nutrition, you can expect some similar flavors from other businesses in the Shoals such as Level Up and Flo Nutrition, but Turner and Green both pride themselves in their creativity.

“Originally we got our menu from Level Up,” Turner said. “Since then, we’ve come up with a few of our own combinations. Some customers have ideas and some are our own.”

J.U.M.P. also offers flavors featuring favorite candy bars, fruits, toppings, coffee and even cereal.

But this location prides itself on being more than just a shake place, but also a place for people to congregate and work on themselves by offering classes such as ab circuits and Zumba.

“When you come in here you get something, you’re a part of the J.U.M.P. family — tell us everything,” Green said. “This is not an in-and-out place. We laugh together, we cry together, we get healthy together.”

For this duo, it’s about more than the product or the money.

“We really pride ourselves with making relationships,” Turner said. “We turn strangers practically into family.”

Green and Turner have plans to expand and give back to the community, such as food drives, back-to-school supply events and giveaways.

“We want to be there for the community and want this to be a place you can feel comfortable and at home,” Green said. “We want to be that getaway place for you.”


Did you know?

  • J.U.M.P. was inspired by “Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance,” a self help book about “jumping” out of your comfort zone to achieve more.
  • Both Turner and Green met in first grades and grew up in the Florence City School system.
  • Turner’s favorite shake flavor is Creme Brulee, while Green’s is Reese Cup.